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The last King of Sumerian: Lugalzagesi (reigned c. 2375–50 BC)

Lugalzagesi ruled many Sumerian city-states, and he took the royal title "king of the land (lugal kalam-ma)."

Lugalzagesi, prince of Umma who became king of Uruk, was the last independent Sumerian ruler before Sargon of Akkad conquered Sumer around the turn of the twenty‐fourth century BCE. Lugalzagesi was the first king to describe the territory or region, as opposed to separate cities, over which he could claim sovereignty in his royal inscription.

He first conquered the major cities of Lagash (c. 2375 BC) and Kish, then overcame the Sumerian cities of Ur and Uruk (he alone represents the 3rd dynasty of Uruk). After uniting all of Sumer, he extended his dominion to the Mediterranean coast.

The last king of the Early Dynastic Period prior to the rise of the Akkadian polity under Sargon (c. mid-24th century BC), Lugalzagesi was able to carve out his own place in history as a king who united Mesopotamia for approximately twenty-five years prior to the rise of Akkad. He hailed from the eternally embattled town of Umma and eventually established control of Sumer and Akkad for a short period of time, basing himself at Uruk.

He was defeated by Sargon of Agade. Sargon was praised by ancient scribes as one of the great kings and an epoch-maker in Mesopotamian history, namely, "the first king of World Empire". Sargon defeats Lugalzagesi and marches him to Nippur, Enlil’s city- This is an ultimate humiliation as Lugalzagesi’s patron god is Enlil.
The last King of Sumerian: Lugalzagesi (reigned c. 2375–50 BC)

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