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Unification of Upper and Lower Egypt

The consolidation of the Egyptian state occurred gradually over a period spanning the later the Predynastic Period and the early First Dynasty.

The Egyptian historian Manetho (350-283 BC) states that it was King Menes who was responsible for uniting Upper and Lower Egypt and founding the First Dynasty in 3150 BC.
During his reign, Menes wage wars against the Nubians and Libyans in neighboring territories. King Menes is credited with irrigation works and with founding the capital Memphis. It was said that he was the first law-giver and that he brought civilization to Egypt.

During his rule, Egyptians are thrived. Trading with nearby countries in the Middle East appeared to have been well established.

In the late Predynastic period and the first half of the 1st dynasty, Egypt extended its influence into southern Palestine and probably Sinai and conducted campaign as far as the Second Cataract.
Unification of Upper and Lower Egypt

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