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Göktürks people

Some historians believed that the Göktürks were descendants of the Asian Huns. The earliest Turkic people were pastoral nomads organized in small clans and tribes, dwelling in hair tents, hunting large and small game and dependent on horse flesh.

The Ashina, the ruling clan of the Türks, forged a core union of 30 tribes, the Türk boδun (‘Türk People’) noted in the Türk and Uyğur inscriptions.

Under Ashina leadership, the Göktürks rapidly expanded to rule huge territories in north western China, North Asia and Eastern Europe (as far west as the Crimea).

In 552, the Göktürks conquered the Rouran khaganate and established the first Turkic Khaganate before rapidly expanded their territories in Central Asia.

By the end of the same century, they had become a world power, stretching from Manchuria in the east to the western outskirts of Pontic Steppe in eastern Europe in the West. The Second Turkic Khaganate emerged in 682.

In 744 the Uyghurs dismantle the Second Turkic Khaganate, establishing the Uyghur Khaganate.
Göktürks people

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