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Kingdom of Judah (928 – 587 BC)

Judah and Benjamin tribes founded the Kingdom of Judah. It was split from Northern Kingdom of Israel after the death of King Solomon.

Kingdom of Judah was rather isolated and sparsely populated kingdom until the eight century BC. It was hardly comparable in territory, wealth and military might to the Kingdom of Israel in the north.

Northern Kingdom of Israel later fell to Assyrian conquerors in the year 722 and it inhabitants were led onto exile or enslaved.

After the fall of Kingdom of Israel, Judah grew enormously in population, developed complex state institutions and merged as a meaningful power in the region.

In 586 BC the Babylonians out of Mesopotamia conquered Judah and destroyed the Temple at Jerusalem which was built around 950 BC by Solomon.

The tribes of Judah and Benjamin in 586 were driven from Jerusalem into captivity in Babylon, later returned to reestablish their kingdom and rebuild their temple in Jerusalem.

They are believed to be the ancestors of all modern Jews.
Kingdom of Judah (928 – 587 BC)

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