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Kingdom of Israel (1050–931 BC)

The first Hebrews, a Semitic tribe of nomads, emigrated from Mesopotamia into Canaan about 2000 BC. They formed a tribal confederation, of which Saul became the first king, anointed by Samuel.

David and Solomon, the succeeding kings, further cemented that unity and formed the united Kingdom of Israel. Solomon succeeded David and rule over a period of expansion and peace.

Solomon solidified the kingdom’s rule over much of the land of Israel and Syria. Jerusalem was the center of this polity during most of its existence.

Until the appearance of the Assyrians in the region, the kingdom of Israel was among the most dominant powers in the entire region, and was clearly the strongest polity in the southern Levant.

After Solomon’s death, the country was divided into the Northern Kingdom (Israel) comprising ten tribes, and the Southern Kingdom (Judah).

Northern Kingdom was destroyed by the Assyrians in 722 BC many of its people were carried off into exile. In 586 BC the Babylonians out of Mesopotamia conquered Judah and destroyed the Temple at Jerusalem.
Kingdom of Israel (1050–931 BC)
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