Monday, January 1, 2018

Wari Empire of South America

Wari Empire was the first great civilization in South America. The Wari Empire controlled large chunk of South America’s western coast.

Its culture was characterized by large high-walled enclosures – scattered throughout Peru – where the Wari elute live, dominating the local people by force.

The Empire seems to have been established rapidly, with most of the satellite colonies appearing around 65o.

This city state empire of the Peruvian Andes (600-1000) traded textiles, stone figurines, ceramic vessels, metal objects and other items across a wide area of Peru and the highlands of the Central Andes in exchange for obsidian, rock salt, copper and ochre.

Wari decline marked the beginning of a new regionalization in the Central Andes.
Wari Empire of South America

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