Thursday, February 8, 2018

Nazca civilization

Around 200 CE the Paracas culture gave way to the Nazca civilization. The Nazca are the people who lived on the plains of Peru from 500 BC to 600 CE. The Nazca culture, consisted of a number of independent chiefdoms, linked together by trade, language, and culture.

The Nazca people were artists and craftspeople who produce highly polished, decorated ceramics and embroidered complex designs into wool and cotton cloth. The Nazca people also created remarkable rock patterns on the sandy desert soil. The most important center of the Nazca civilization was Cahuachi, located in the river oasis of the Nazca Valley.

After 600 CE, the influence of the Nazca culture came to an end and was gradually replaced by the expanding cultural and political expansion of the Tiahuanaco civilization.
Nazca civilization

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